Travel Tips

Our time in England is coming to an end. My days are filled with organising piles of stuff – things to go with us on the plan, things for our air shipment and all of the rest that will be shipped in a sea container. I want to make our flight and that long day of travel run as smoothly as possible.

I would love to be one of those chic gals who walks through the airport wearing fashionable clothes and cute high heels, has perfect hair and make-up and a super cute suitcase at my side. In reality, I look more like a pack mule with too many bags, hair and make-up less than perfect and an outfit that is comfortable and not stylish…at all. I will have to work on that for another trip. Right now, I just want to survive a 20 hour day of traveling with my sanity somewhat in place. Here are some of my best travel tips.


– Remove sim cards from phones unless you are fine with paying all of those roaming fees.

– Have chargers and power adapters for both the country you are leaving and the country you are traveling to with you. It would suck if we just had our power cords for North America with us and our laptops, e-readers, phones or ipods died before we left England.

– Travel pillows and sleep masks are your best friends. I also wear a large pashmina that I can use as a blanket in a pinch. I always find it cold on planes, especially when I am exhausted.

– Drinks lots and lots of water.

– Slap on a great day or night cream. I have the travel sizes of hand cream, lip gloss and face cream in my purse. This helps me look less like a creature from Night of the Living Dead.

– Have all of the information that you need on your arrival in a handy place. this includes any car rental information, maps to hotels, hotel reservation numbers and important phone numbers. We have travel envelopes containing all of this information, as well as one that contains all of our health insurance information.

– Extra copies of important information. Since Brittany is flying back to Canada, we will have triple “just in case” copies of all of her paperwork, as well as digital copies on each of our computers. We always have photocopies of our passports kept in a different location than our passports.

– For this flight we will be testing out travel socks for the first time.

– Have distractions with you. I usually fly with a book or two. This trip will be different. For the first time I will be flying with my new e-reader. We will be in a hotel for a week in England before we fly and at least a week in Canada before we can move into our new home. I spent some time deciding on the some great reads to get me through this time. I always have a book to read on the plane “just in case”. Just in case I have seen all of the movies or the movies suck. I rarely sleep on planes and spend my time watching movie after movie. But, should I need to read I have my e-reader filled with books at my side. We will each have our laptops, e-readers and iPods with us. Each will be fully charged and ready to go should we need them.

– All of the approved size of liquids that come on the plane with me are already in a baggie. I just have to put them all in the airport bag just before I go through security. It saves time searching through a stuffed bag looking for that travel size hand cream.


~ Jody

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