Our adoption story

Long before we lost our beloved Brittany we had decided to take a break from having another dog. It was more Andrew’s idea than mine. He wanted us to be able to travel. I could see his point….to an extent. But, we still travelled with Brittany. Brittany had been to 5 different countries. And if we could not take her with us then she stayed with friends or family.

So we were taking a break from having a dog. Andrew started working on his Masters. We are both working on improving our French. I am going back to school and hope to get an internship between first and second year. Then I will be working in the legal field and my vacation time will probably only be a few weeks each year (not the 5 weeks a year that Andrew gets). So our lives had gotten crazy busy and would be busy for the next few years. The years that we were supposed to be taking a break from dogs so we could travel. But our opportunities for travel during that time would be very limited. Andrew realized this. And he saw how sad I was, how broken my heart was. So back in early December he told me that he thought we should get a dog.

I started looking. I knew that I wanted us to adopt a rescue dog. I also knew that my heart could not handle having a white poodle. I knew that when the time was right the stars would align and the dog that was meant to be our dog would come into our lives.

Each year Brittany got a new decoration for the tree. We had both decided to not put up a tree this year. It would be too painful to see 16 years worth of Brittany’s Christmas ornaments. Christmas was fast approaching. I was dreading it. So on 21 December,  Andrew & I were curled up in bed. Andrew’s vacation had started and we were looking forward to the next few weeks. It was Sunday night and we could sleep in the next day. I was seaching for dogs on my laptop. And I found one. A poodle shih tzu mix that was just 20 minutes away from us. I emailed an inquiry. Just after I hit the send button the dog was removed from the shelter and petfinder websites. I knew that there was not enough time for my email to have been read. The dog was adopted. So we went to sleep knowing that we would get our dog, the dog that was supposed to be ours.

Early the next morning a lady from the shelter called. The dog I had inquired about had been adopted. But, they did have a little shih tzu boy that had just come to the shelter. He was not listed for adoption yet but we could go out to the shelter and meet him. I checked the shelter’s facebook page…..and I saw him. He had been found on the side of the road. No tags. No collar. No one was looking for him. He was infested with fleas so he had not been out during the really cold week before. He had a puncture in his eye. As soon as he had his snip snip and vaxanations he wold be able to be adopted.

We quickly dressed and drove to the shelter. I told Andrew that that I had seen the dog’s picture. He was pretty  cute so even if he was a demon dog my answer would be yes. Andrew would have to be the voice of reason. The one to decide if this was our dog. We took him for a walk. Once back at the shelter Andrew told the doggie adoption lady that we would like to adopt him.

We bought him a doggie Christmas stocking and Andrew picked out a name – Max. The next day we went back to the shelter to visit Max and take him for another walk. We would not be able to bring him home until 30 December. It was the longest week EVER.

Finally the day arrived and we got to bring our boy home. As the sun set the sky filled with the most beautiful pink light. I knew that Brittany was still with us and happy that we were adopting Max. I knew that we had found our dog, the dog that was meant to be part of our family. He was still out of it from his surgery. He was scared. We quickly learnt that Max had severe seperation anxiety.

It has now been 5 months since we brought Max home. He is a confident, smart. affectionate and playful dog. He is also very naughty. Or as my brother calls him “idle”. With a lot of love and hard work his seperation anxiety is almost gone.

Max may be a rescue dog but he is the one who rescued me. With each kiss, cuddle and laugh he helped heal my broken heart.


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f a c e b o o k