Our Holiday Bucket List

I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!! Each year seems to be going faster than the year before. I remember when I was a child I would plan out how I would spend the days during the holidays. Usually it involved studying (exams were in Januray in NL) and reading. I would like to say that I have changed from that child but not so much. Sigh. I am looking forward to reading. I do have my winter TBR reading list to get through after all. And I will be studying. I LOVE photography so I LOVE studying photography as well. I have a photography book to fnish reading, editing workshops to watch and some shorter photography PDFs to read. This sure makes me sound boring.

I came up with a holiday bucket list to ensure that we did more that read and studied our holidays away. At the moment my husband is reading a text for his Masters course that starts in January. We really are soul mates. But there is more to life than reading and studying so here is our holiday bucket list.



1. Hanging out in the hot tub.

2. Re-watch The Hobbit 1 & 2 so we can go see the 3rd.

3. Cross- country ski or snow-shoe.

4. Walk in the snow on Christmas Day night.

5. Visit friends.

6. Have friends over for a meal and jin friends at theirs for a meal.

7. Bake and make a gingerbread house.

8. Bake cookies during the day on Christmas eve.

9. Host our annual New Year’s Day Levee at Chez WW.

10. Host an informal get together.

11. Re-watch all of the Star Wars movies (I have not seen the 3 new ones), the Godfather trilogy (I have not seen any of these movies). Watch the last season of Dr Who so we are all caught up for the Dr Who Christmas Day Special. If time permits we will also watch True Blood, Falling Skies and The Walking Dead.

12. Make a snowman.

13. Make snow angels.

14. Have a snowball fight.

This year we decided to have a low key holiday. Our hearts are still broken from losing our beloved Brittany. And in January Andrew will be starting a course towards his Masters degree. He will still be working 10 hours a week on his own time towards improving his French. And he will be working full time. The last few months have be very draining for the both of us and the next year will be insane for Andrew.

Years ago during our first time living in Petawawa we had planned to go to Toronto on Boxing Day and stay there for 5 days. We awoke to an ice storm. We quickly cancelled our trip after trying to chisel the ice off the car for an hour. And that was just so we could open the door. We soon found ourselves with a week and no plans. We curled up under blankets, lounged around in our pjs, ate lots of cookies and treats and watched the first 2 seasons of True Blood. It remains one of my favourite Christmases we have spent together. It was relaxing and fun, a time with no schedule. This year I want to re-create that. I want to live our hectic lives behind and Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

What are your plans during the holidays. Please feel free to share in the comments.

Happy Holidays.

~ Jody xx

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