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A New Home | Barrie Portrait Photographer

There have been some changes to my photography business over the past year.  My husband and I moved to the Barrie area of Ontario.  Each time when we move, it feels like a fresh start, not only for me but also for my portrait photography business.  The main goal for the first year of living in Borden […]

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Camera Bags

I have a FEW camera bags. A girl can never have too many bags and each bag serves a very different purpose and gets used in different situations. Before I buy a camera bag I do my research…A LOT of research. The camera bag I own and use are the best at suiting my needs. […]

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The Good, The Bad & The Wow.

I recently had a discussion with some other photographers about the work that some photographers are giving to their clients. As photographers we train ourselves to critique our images, pick out any flaws and learn from them. Our clients are emotionally attached to their images, making it harder for them to be critical. If a […]

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Confessions of a phoney

  This is very difficult for me to write. I recently posted a link on my photography page written by  Jennifer Amie of Jennifer Amie Designs  about “fauxtographers“. A little discussion happened and I could not help but get a knot in the pit of my stomach. At one time I was a “fauxtographer”. I […]

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What Photography Means To Me

I was recently asked to write a bio with a focus on my photography. The hardest thing I have ever had to write is a biography of myself. It is much easier to explain what photography means to me. I live my life with great love and passion. Photography is a way for me to […]

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