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A New Home | Barrie Portrait Photographer

There have been some changes to my photography business over the past year.  My husband and I moved to the Barrie area of Ontario.  Each time when we move, it feels like a fresh start, not only for me but also for my portrait photography business.  The main goal for the first year of living in Borden […]

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Our adoption story

Long before we lost our beloved Brittany we had decided to take a break from having another dog. It was more Andrew’s idea than mine. He wanted us to be able to travel. I could see his point….to an extent. But, we still travelled with Brittany. Brittany had been to 5 different countries. And if […]

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Winter Bucket List

Winter can seem like it lasts FOREVER. Years ago, when I was living in Charlottetown, PE,  I took a few courses at the community school. These courses started in Jan and went until April. For one evening a week for 4 hours my night was filled with fun and learning. I LOVED it and it […]

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Our Holiday Bucket List

I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!! Each year seems to be going faster than the year before. I remember when I was a child I would plan out how I would spend the days during the holidays. Usually it involved studying (exams were in Januray in NL) and reading. […]

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Brittany’s Last Kiss

From the time Brittany was a young puppy she loved to give kisses. At first her kisses were little nibbles. She had not quite learnt how to kiss. She gave her vet a kiss during one of her puppy check-ups. She jumped up and gave his beard a little nibble. Brittany eventually leaned how to […]

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