Camera Bags

I have a FEW camera bags. A girl can never have too many bags and each bag serves a very different purpose and gets used in different situations. Before I buy a camera bag I do my research…A LOT of research. The camera bag I own and use are the best at suiting my needs.


Low Pro Backflip 400 AW Backpack

When we were living in England we travelled and I needed the perfect backpack that would hold my gear and keep it safe at the same time. The backpack has a chest strap as well as a padded waist strap. It is comfy to wear even when walking around all day exploring. The unique design of this bag means that the opening to your gear is in the part of the backpack that is touching your back instead of being able to be opened by anyone next to you. I wanted to take my gear with me. And I wanted to know that it would be secure from pick pockets. There are 2 large mesh pockets on either side that are perfect for holding a water bottle or a can of pringles. The bag comes with an attached rain cover that works great. I got to test it out during a rainy day exploring the English country-side. This bag is availble in a few different sizes. The size I choose holds the perfect amount of gear for me and is also the max size allowed as carry-on on the budget European airlines. This is my go to travel camera bag.


Shoot Sac

The Shoot Sac is a lens bag. I use this to hold my lens to hold my lens, spare batteries and flash battery pack. It conforms to my body. The shootsac has six pockets that are large enough to hold large lenses but also holds smaller lenses securely. This is the perfect bag for when I will be wearing my camera all day anI don’t need a bag to hold it but still need a variety of lenses and small gear with me. I love the removable fashion covers and often use it as a clean place for a client to sit. This is my go to bag when I am on a shoot and need my lenses and small gear with me.


Cheeky Lime

This was my Black Friday shopping purchase last year. This bag is large enough to hold all of my lenses…all of them. And my flash, expo disc and other small gear. It can also hold my Mac Book Pro or iPad. I use this bag when I need all of my gear. I love the waxed fabric and how girly and cheery it is. This is the bag I took to Mexico with me last year. If you need a pretty bag that can hold A LOT of gear this is the bag for you. This is my go to bag whne i need to carry all of my gear with me.


Girls Day Out by Shutter Bag USA

ShutterBagUSA makes the most divine leather camera bags. This is my most recent camera bag. I love it so much and have added a few more bags to my wish list. I decided to get this bag because it has three seperate zippered compartments. The middle one is  the perfect size for holding your camera and a few lenses, batteries, flash, lens pen and expodisc. The two outside compartments are perfect for holding my wallet, e-reader, iPad, gum and  lip gloss. I love that I can get at my camera and just my camera or my wallet and just my wallet. I love that it just looks like a fab bag. I love that it is the perfect bag for a day out and about. I got this bag shortly after I started my 365 project. It is the prefect bag for carrying my camera with me and allowing me to complete this project. I wish that you could smell and feel how fab this bag is. This is my go to everyday camera bag.



What is your fave camera bag? Please share in the comments.

~ Jody








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