Brittany’s Last Kiss

From the time Brittany was a young puppy she loved to give kisses. At first her kisses were little nibbles. She had not quite learnt how to kiss. She gave her vet a kiss during one of her puppy check-ups. She jumped up and gave his beard a little nibble. Brittany eventually leaned how to give the sweetest softest little kisses. All you had to do was ask her for a kiss or do some chirping noises and she would walk up to you and give you a kiss. Unless she was ticked at you or not feeling well.

One day I was sitting on the floor. Brittany came up to me and jumped up putting her front paws on my shoulder pushing me down towards her on one side. She then gave me a kiss.

Andrew and I went to visit Brittany the Monday night she spent at the animal hospital hooked up to iv fluids. The fluids and pain meds had helped her feel better. She wagged her tail and gave us both very excited happy kisses. Those were the last kisses she ever gave.

It broke my heart that I did not get another kiss from my sweet girl. She was too sick and in too much pain. For weeks this ate away at me.

Then one night I had a dream. I was in bed sleeping. I heard Brittany’s little feet walking on the hardwood floor. The next thing I knew she jumped up on the bed with me. (she had not done this in years) She walked up to me and gave me a kiss.

Brittany came back to me in my dream to give me the one thing that I so desperatley wanted – one last kiss.



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