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    This is where I share my life, my passion. Those things that matter to me. Photography. Capturing timeless portraits. Documenting my everyday. Reading. Travelling. Exploring. Life with my husband and our two dogs. There were be many many adorable dog images. Learning new things.

    I am a portrait photographer based in Barrie Ontario and serve Barrie, Borden, Angus, Alliston and Wasaga Beach area. I specialize in captivating timeless photography. This is where I share my portrait sessions.

    I am an avid reader and love sharing a good read. And I love getting book suggestion so if you have read a great book, please let me know so I can add it to the list.

    I love to travel and explore. My adventures exploring and travelling with my husband are shared on this blog. I spent time living in England with her husband and our mini poodle. Click here for the blog documenting my dream life. It is filled with beautiful places and stunning pictures. Be ware. It may induce a case of wanderlust.

    I am obsessed with instagram. Feel free to click on over and check out my feed.

A New Home | Barrie Portrait Photographer

There have been some changes to my photography business over the past year.  My husband and I moved to the Barrie area of Ontario.  Each time when we move, it feels like a fresh start, not only for me but also for my portrait photography business.  The main goal for the first year of living in Borden was to create a new web-site and blog.  I had a timeline.  I had a plan. Life had other plans.

And some how a year had gone by.  All good things take time.  Usually a lot of time.  My new little corner of the internet is no different.  For years now I have wanted to rebrand my website and blog.  It took forever to find a design that I loved and that was a true reflection of me.  I finally found that design earlier this year.  Lots has been happening behind the scenes with moving web hosts and setting up new URLs.  At times I felt like this new site was never going to happen.  It was my goal to have my new internet home up and running by the end of the year. 

Time was running out….QUICKLY.  One of the great thing about living in the Barrie area is that I am close to Georgian College.  For years and years I have wanted to go back to school. But we had to live somewhere long enough for me to complete a program and somewhere that offered a program I was interested in  attending.  The stars have aligned and this fall I am heading back to school as a full time student.  So during a crazy hot weekend in August,  I locked myself in my office and got to work. All of the planning helped me create a design I LOVE.  Since I am now a full-time student I am only offering 1 session a month until summer 2016.  At that point I look forward to offering portrait photography services to Simcoe county, including Angus, Alliston, Barrie and Borden.

I am looking forward to sharing lots of beautiful sessions, my travel adventures, good reads and stories about Max & Sophie.

My new little corner on the internet can be found at http://jodyweymouth.com

My Ultimate Summer Reading List

As the days get longer it is hard no to think of time spent curled up on the bed with a great book as the birds chirp outside and the curtains blow in a soft summer’s breeze. Or sitting on a beach with sand between my toes and a book in my hand. I was going to create a spring reading list….but I am still working my way through the list I created for winter.  I made it through most of the list. The Outlander series….it is the reason why I had no spring reading list. I am now halfway through the series. The books are great but wow each book is a thousand pages long. The Game of Thrones series will have to wait until next winter to be read.

summer reading list


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Our adoption story

Long before we lost our beloved Brittany we had decided to take a break from having another dog. It was more Andrew’s idea than mine. He wanted us to be able to travel. I could see his point….to an extent. But, we still travelled with Brittany. Brittany had been to 5 different countries. And if we could not take her with us then she stayed with friends or family.

So we were taking a break from having a dog. Andrew started working on his Masters. We are both working on improving our French. I am going back to school and hope to get an internship between first and second year. Then I will be working in the legal field and my vacation time will probably only be a few weeks each year (not the 5 weeks a year that Andrew gets). So our lives had gotten crazy busy and would be busy for the next few years. The years that we were supposed to be taking a break from dogs so we could travel. But our opportunities for travel during that time would be very limited. Andrew realized this. And he saw how sad I was, how broken my heart was. So back in early December he told me that he thought we should get a dog.

I started looking. I knew that I wanted us to adopt a rescue dog. I also knew that my heart could not handle having a white poodle. I knew that when the time was right the stars would align and the dog that was meant to be our dog would come into our lives.

Each year Brittany got a new decoration for the tree. We had both decided to not put up a tree this year. It would be too painful to see 16 years worth of Brittany’s Christmas ornaments. Christmas was fast approaching. I was dreading it. So on 21 December,  Andrew & I were curled up in bed. Andrew’s vacation had started and we were looking forward to the next few weeks. It was Sunday night and we could sleep in the next day. I was seaching for dogs on my laptop. And I found one. A poodle shih tzu mix that was just 20 minutes away from us. I emailed an inquiry. Just after I hit the send button the dog was removed from the shelter and petfinder websites. I knew that there was not enough time for my email to have been read. The dog was adopted. So we went to sleep knowing that we would get our dog, the dog that was supposed to be ours.

Early the next morning a lady from the shelter called. The dog I had inquired about had been adopted. But, they did have a little shih tzu boy that had just come to the shelter. He was not listed for adoption yet but we could go out to the shelter and meet him. I checked the shelter’s facebook page…..and I saw him. He had been found on the side of the road. No tags. No collar. No one was looking for him. He was infested with fleas so he had not been out during the really cold week before. He had a puncture in his eye. As soon as he had his snip snip and vaxanations he wold be able to be adopted.

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Camera Bags

I have a FEW camera bags. A girl can never have too many bags and each bag serves a very different purpose and gets used in different situations. Before I buy a camera bag I do my research…A LOT of research. The camera bag I own and use are the best at suiting my needs.


Low Pro Backflip 400 AW Backpack

When we were living in England we travelled and I needed the perfect backpack that would hold my gear and keep it safe at the same time. The backpack has a chest strap as well as a padded waist strap. It is comfy to wear even when walking around all day exploring. The unique design of this bag means that the opening to your gear is in the part of the backpack that is touching your back instead of being able to be opened by anyone next to you. I wanted to take my gear with me. And I wanted to know that it would be secure from pick pockets. There are 2 large mesh pockets on either side that are perfect for holding a water bottle or a can of pringles. The bag comes with an attached rain cover that works great. I got to test it out during a rainy day exploring the English country-side. This bag is availble in a few different sizes. The size I choose holds the perfect amount of gear for me and is also the max size allowed as carry-on on the budget European airlines. This is my go to travel camera bag.


Shoot Sac

The Shoot Sac is a lens bag. I use this to hold my lens to hold my lens, spare batteries and flash battery pack. It conforms to my body. The shootsac has six pockets that are large enough to hold large lenses but also holds smaller lenses securely. This is the perfect bag for when I will be wearing my camera all day anI don’t need a bag to hold it but still need a variety of lenses and small gear with me. I love the removable fashion covers and often use it as a clean place for a client to sit. This is my go to bag when I am on a shoot and need my lenses and small gear with me.


Cheeky Lime

This was my Black Friday shopping purchase last year. This bag is large enough to hold all of my lenses…all of them. And my flash, expo disc and other small gear. It can also hold my Mac Book Pro or iPad. I use this bag when I need all of my gear. I love the waxed fabric and how girly and cheery it is. This is the bag I took to Mexico with me last year. If you need a pretty bag that can hold A LOT of gear this is the bag for you. This is my go to bag whne i need to carry all of my gear with me.


Girls Day Out by Shutter Bag USA

ShutterBagUSA makes the most divine leather camera bags. This is my most recent camera bag. I love it so much and have added a few more bags to my wish list. I decided to get this bag because it has three seperate zippered compartments. The middle one is  the perfect size for holding your camera and a few lenses, batteries, flash, lens pen and expodisc. The two outside compartments are perfect for holding my wallet, e-reader, iPad, gum and  lip gloss. I love that I can get at my camera and just my camera or my wallet and just my wallet. I love that it just looks like a fab bag. I love that it is the perfect bag for a day out and about. I got this bag shortly after I started my 365 project. It is the prefect bag for carrying my camera with me and allowing me to complete this project. I wish that you could smell and feel how fab this bag is. This is my go to everyday camera bag.



What is your fave camera bag? Please share in the comments.

~ Jody








My 365 Photography Project | January 2015


I cannot believe that it is 2015 already. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!!!! 2015 started in a very different way than we had planned. If you checked out my last 365 post you will have seen our news…and met Max, our newly adopted dog. There will be lots of pictures of Max showing up here in the next year.



We had planned a New Year’s Day Levee. But, we had just brought Max home 2 days before. We wanted to have a quiet day. Allowing Max to settle in and feel safe and secure in his new home. I love this series of Andrew and Max bonding.



I am taking this as a sign that Max is feeling safe and secure with us.



It is so nice to see a dog napping on our bed again.



This winter has not been great with regards to snow. In fact it has sucked. Today we had freezing rain. I was excited when we moved to the snow belt of Ontario. I looked forward to lots and lots of snow. So far the snow belt is a big disappoint. But it sure is pretty.



We got Max a baby onesie to wear instead of the dreaded surgery cone. He looks so cute.



Max loves to go for walks. In fact he will only do his business if we take him for a walk.



We are finally getting a snow squall. It is so beautiful and our street looks like a snow globe.



Happy puppy. Happy puppy people.



Max loves hanging out in the window and watching his puppy tv.


This sweet face.



This moment. This moment right here. Max is smiling and happy. He loves playing with his toys.



Happy Ipsy mail day.



The snowflakes are glistening in the sun like diamonds.



These cold nights are made a little better with pie. Tonight I made Nutella Salted Caramel Pie. Life is better with pie. Winter nights are better with pie.



Icicles are a beautiful part of winter.



Max loves going on his walks as much as we love taking him on walks.



I could not find Max. He was hanging out in our quest room.



Our little world is encased in ice today.



Freshly fallen snow.



Amazing light shining on an amazing dog.



That soft late afternoon light of winter.



It has been a cold winter but is sure is pretty.



There is a stillness in the winter that soothes my soul.



The wind is howling but there is a certain stillness to be found in a snowstorm.



There is snow now but come next summer there will be grapes.



Max got a new toy and he really likes it.



Walking in a winter wonderland with my boy.



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.








I hope that 2015 is treating you well and bringing you wonderful surprises and lots of love and laughter.

~ Jody

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