365 Project

Another week of images.


13 October 2014

Meet Chippy. There are some days when I miss Brittany so much that I think about adopting this little guy. Until then he lives in the front garden.


14 October 2014

Happy Mail. Ipsy Mail.


15 October 2014

My Aunt Cathy arrived yesterday for a visit. Today we went for a walk in the woods. And it was beautiful.


16 October 2014

Before I went to bed last night a fog filled the air. i could hardly sleep I was so excited. An early morning walk just after dawn in the fog with the damp air kissing me good morning.


17 October 2014

If you look hard enough you can still see signs of summer.


18 October 2014

A day trip to Niagara Falls.


19 October 2014

We used to have a cast iron snowman. Andrew would hide it in the strangest places and wait for me to find it. Today everytime I turn around Andrew is getting creative with a pumpkin.



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