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Another week in images.

20 October 2014

Today is a sad day for Canada and for the Canadian Military family. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was purposely run down by a car in a parking lot and later died of his injuries. Today Canada mourns and pays their respects.


21 October 2014

A rainy day means cute wellies.


 22 October 2014

Today mama, Aunt Cathy and I took a little road trip and explored Meaford and Collingwood. Small towns in this area of Ontario are beautiful. The wind blew my hair. Waves crashed against the rocky shore. And a lighthouse could be seen in the distance. The closest I have come to home whilst still being in Ontario. Georgian Bay, you are a gift.


23 October 2014

Yesterday was another tough day for Canada and for our military. Capt Nathan Cirillo was standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. He was shot in the back and killed where he stood as part of the Honour Guard. Today Canada stands together to pay our respects and to honour the memories of WO Patrice Vincent and Cpl Nathan Cirillo. Today we honour Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers for killing the gunman. Honour, respect, dignity and sacrifice. Our country was built on these values and our military embodies these values. Today Canada shows the world that despite the two acts of terror committed against our Canadian Armed Forces that we as a country and as a people who hold fast to these sacred values and at our core we will not be changed.


24 October 2014

Just a few weeks ago these trees were covered with vibrant leaves. Now they are bare. I know that before long the days and nights will get even colder and the snow will start to fall. I am trying to find beauty in the starkness of late fall.


25 October 2014

One of the items on my summer bucket list, which later got moved to the fall bucket list was going to St. Jacobs and doing the Mennonite Farm Tour. The day was perfection. The rain held off. The chill in the air was perfect. The wind blew fallings leaves everywhere.


26 October 2014

I looked out the kitchen window and watched as the most beautiful sunset appeared. I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture. Just as I press the shutter my friend called. She called to ask me a favour. She had to go home this weekend to see her grandmother who was not doing well. It was a trip to say good-bye. After a crappy weekend, she said that is was nice to be driving home and be greeted by such incredible beauty. This is that sunset.


Thank you for joining me for another week.

~ Jody


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