365 Project

Another week of images.


13 October 2014

Meet Chippy. There are some days when I miss Brittany so much that I think about adopting this little guy. Until then he lives in the front garden.


14 October 2014

Happy Mail. Ipsy Mail.


15 October 2014

My Aunt Cathy arrived yesterday for a visit. Today we went for a walk in the woods. And it was beautiful.


16 October 2014

Before I went to bed last night a fog filled the air. i could hardly sleep I was so excited. An early morning walk just after dawn in the fog with the damp air kissing me good morning.


17 October 2014

If you look hard enough you can still see signs of summer.


18 October 2014

A day trip to Niagara Falls.


19 October 2014

We used to have a cast iron snowman. Andrew would hide it in the strangest places and wait for me to find it. Today everytime I turn around Andrew is getting creative with a pumpkin.



365 Project

6 October 2014

This morning was a very early day. We were up before the sun. This is every day life for Andrew. For me…not so much.


7 October 2014

This morn I awake early. And was treated to this beautiful sunrise. Brittany had very pink skin. I see her whenever I see pink in the sky.


8 October 2014

Today we brought our sweet girl home. Her urn reminds me of beautiful sandstone found on Prince Edward Island. At some point in the future we will take our girl back to Europe and sprinkle some of her ashes in the Englash countryside where she loved to explore and to Brittany France to the place she was named after.


9 October 2014

Blue skies and yellow flowers.



10 October 2014

Today is our 6th anniversary. I lack the words to describe how much I LOVE this man.


11 October 2014

Mama arrived today for a 2 month visit. There are just times when a girl needs her mama. I am so glad that she is here.


12 October 2014

A sign that winter is getting closer.


Thank you for checking out another week.

~ Jody


365 Project

29 September 2014


30 September 2014

Right now I am just putting one foot in front of the other…


1 October 2014

I look at the sky at dawn and dusk and I see my sweet girl.


2 October 2014

I am trying to move forward but at time it feels like I am standing still.


3 October 2014

Afternoon snack.



4 October 2014

Tonight we are going to the Base Meet & Greet. It feels good to be getting dressed up and going out with friends.


5 October 2014

Part of dealing with my grief involves going for a walk. There is a trail close to our house. It smells like autumn and it is beautiful.


Until next week.

~ Jody

365 Project

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life.

22 September 2014

Last night Brittany stopped drinking. Today she was admitted to hospital. The test results were dire. Our hearts started to break.


23 September 2014

We brought Brittany home from the vet. We had planned to say good-bye on Friday but after having her home for 20 minutes and seeing how much pain she was in we decided the say good-bye the next evening.


24 September 2014

Today is all about keeping Brittany comfortable and as pain free as possible.


25 September 2014

Brittany’s middle name is Aurora – Godess of Dawn, Light. Last night we slept with the curtains and window open so we could be greeted by the Dawn knowing that our beloved girl is there in that morning light spreading her love and her light. Kissing us good morning.


26 September 2014

Today I am missing my heart. Today I am escaping from a sadness that goes so deep it physically hurts.


27 September 2014

Today we bottled our first batch of home-made wine – a yummy red. Brittany LOVED red wine. So we are drinking red wine and eating cheese and remembering.


28 September 2014

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards.

Good Reads

I cannot believe it has been SO LONG since I have done a good reads post. So many good reads. So little time. So let’s get started with some of my latest good reads.


Bridget Jones Mad about the Boy – Helen Fielding    I was hesitant to read this book. I had heard that Mark Darcy dies. NO!!! Bridget is a little older, a mother and once again a singleton. I laughed. I cried. I loved this book.

Longbourn – Jo Baker       This book is a must read for fans of Downton Abbey. Pride and Prejudice, but told from the servants’ point of view. We know what happened above stairs at Longbourn. Now we learn what happened below stairs. a captivating read.

The Dovekeepers – Alice Hoffman       I had wanted to read this book for some time before I actually read it. In 70 CE atop a mountain fort 900 Jewish refugees are surrounded by the Roman army. The Dovekkepers tells the story of four of the woman. I knew nothing of the Masada massacre but I was hooked.

Sycamore Row – John Grisham         The moment after I finished  A Time to Kill I wanted another novel featuring Jake Brigance and his colourful friends. Finally John Grisham answered my wishes. Three years after the trail that almost destroyed Jake, he is thrust back into the spotlight. If you loved  A Time to Kill, Sycamore Row is a must read.

The Greatcoat – Helen Dunmore         Isabel carey is newly married to a man who is often away from home. She is living in a new village and has no real friends. Her home is cold, dark and depressing. She finds a greatcoat in the back of the cupboard and uses it as a blanket. After that a mysterious man shows up outside her window.  I wanted to LOVE this book. I really did. I loved the writing but as for the story itself…I was left wanting. This book is filled with a wonderful descriptive atmosphere. Picture England in the years just after the Second World War. Dark, damp, foggy, gloomy. I read this book when it was bright, sunny and warm. Maybe that is why I was left wanting. I am not sure.

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion       When we went to Mexico in January, this book was everywhere – at the airport, on the plane, around the pool. It was THE book being read. Don Tillman is a brilliant genetics university professor who is looking for love. The Wife Project is born. But along the way Don meets Rosie who is looking for her father. The genetics expert now has a new project – the Rosie Project. Don’s path to love is a charming funny adventure. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.


These are just a few of my recent good reads. I will try to publish a good reads post once a month in the future. I love sharing my good reads with others.


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