Camera Bags

I have a FEW camera bags. A girl can never have too many bags and each bag serves a very different purpose and gets used in different situations. Before I buy a camera bag I do my research…A LOT of research. The camera bag I own and use are the best at suiting my needs.


Low Pro Backflip 400 AW Backpack

When we were living in England we travelled and I needed the perfect backpack that would hold my gear and keep it safe at the same time. The backpack has a chest strap as well as a padded waist strap. It is comfy to wear even when walking around all day exploring. The unique design of this bag means that the opening to your gear is in the part of the backpack that is touching your back instead of being able to be opened by anyone next to you. I wanted to take my gear with me. And I wanted to know that it would be secure from pick pockets. There are 2 large mesh pockets on either side that are perfect for holding a water bottle or a can of pringles. The bag comes with an attached rain cover that works great. I got to test it out during a rainy day exploring the English country-side. This bag is availble in a few different sizes. The size I choose holds the perfect amount of gear for me and is also the max size allowed as carry-on on the budget European airlines. This is my go to travel camera bag.


Shoot Sac

The Shoot Sac is a lens bag. I use this to hold my lens to hold my lens, spare batteries and flash battery pack. It conforms to my body. The shootsac has six pockets that are large enough to hold large lenses but also holds smaller lenses securely. This is the perfect bag for when I will be wearing my camera all day anI don’t need a bag to hold it but still need a variety of lenses and small gear with me. I love the removable fashion covers and often use it as a clean place for a client to sit. This is my go to bag when I am on a shoot and need my lenses and small gear with me.

Cheeky Lime

This was my Black Friday shopping purchase last year. This bag is large enough to hold all of my lenses…all of them. And my flash, expo disc and other small gear. It can also hold my Mac Book Pro or iPad. I use this bag when I need all of my gear. I love the waxed fabric and how girly and cheery it is. This is the bag I took to Mexico with me last year. If you need a pretty bag that can hold A LOT of gear this is the bag for you. This is my go to bag whne i need to carry all of my gear with me.

Girls Day Out by Shutter Bag USA

ShutterBagUSA makes the most divine leather camera bags. This is my most recent camera bag. I love it so much and have added a few more bags to my wish list. I decided to get this bag because it has three seperate zippered compartments. The middle one is  the perfect size for holding your camera and a few lenses, batteries, flash, lens pen and expodisc. The two outside compartments are perfect for holding my wallet, e-reader, iPad, gum and  lip gloss. I love that I can get at my camera and just my camera or my wallet and just my wallet. I love that it just looks like a fab bag. I love that it is the perfect bag for a day out and about. I got this bag shortly after I started my 365 project. It is the prefect bag for carrying my camera with me and allowing me to complete this project. I wish that you could smell and feel how fab this bag is. This is my go to everyday camera bag.


What is your fave camera bag? Please share in the comments.

~ Jody








365 Project

I cannot believe that it is 2015 already. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!!!!! 2015 started in a very different way than we had planned. If you checked out my last 365 post you will have seen our news…and met Max, our newly adopted dog. There will be lots of pictures of Max showing up here in the next year.


1 Januray 2015

We had planned to part a New Year’s Day Levee. But, we had just brought Max home 2 days before. We wanted to have a quiet day. Allowing Max to settle in and feel safe and secure in his new home. I love this series of Andrew and Max bonding.


2 Januray 2015

I am taking this as a sign that Max is feeling safe and secure with us.


3 Januray 2015

It is so nice to see a dog napping on our bed again.


4 Januray 2015

This winter has not been great with regards to snow. In fact it has sucked. Today we had freezing rain. I was excited when we moved to the snow belt of Ontario. I looked forward to lots and lots of snow. So far the snow belt is a big disappoint. But it sure is pretty.


5 Januray 2015

We got Max a baby onesie to wear instead of the dreaded surgery cone. He looks so cute.


6 Januray 2015

Max loves to go for walks. In fact he will only do his business if we take him for a walk.


7 Januray 2015

We are finally getting a snow squall. It is so beautiful and our street looks like a snow globe.


8 Januray 2015

Happy puppy. Happy puppy people.


9 Januray 2015

Max loves hanging out in the window and watching his puppy tv.


10 Januray 2015

This sweet face.

11 Januray 2015

This moment. This moment right here. Max is smiling and happy. He loves playing with his toys.


12 Januray 2015

Happy Ipsy mail day.


13 Januray 2015

The snowflakes are glistening in the sun like diamonds.


14 Januray 2015

These cold nights are made a little better with pie. Tonight I made Nutella Salted Caramel Pie. Life is better with pie. Winter nights are better with pie.

15 Januray 2015

Icicles are a beautiful part of winter.


I hope that 2015 is treating you well and bringing you wonderful surprises and lots of love and laughter.

~ Jody

Winter Bucket List

Winter can seem like it lasts FOREVER. Years ago, when I was living in Charlottetown, PE,  I took a few courses at the community school. These courses started in Jan and went until April. For one evening a week for 4 hours my night was filled with fun and learning. I LOVED it and it made the winter go so much faster.

Starting in January my husband’s life is going to get very busy. He is working on his French on his own time, he is doing a course towarrds to his Masters and working full time as well. I have decided to come up with a winter bucket list that gets me out of the house and forces my husband to take a little break here and there and do something besides study and work.

1. Cross-country ski or snow-shoe at least once every 2 weeks.

2. Go to the gym 5 times a week for an hour.

3. Ice skate on the outdoor skating trail near Huntsville.

4. Visit a sugarbush.

5. Go on a sleigh ride.


I also have some things on the winter bucket list that are just for me.


6. Start Rosetta Stone and DuoLingo for French and do 2 hours a week.

7. Start practicing yoga. I will start with an hour a week.

8. Each month pick a photography book from my book case and read it, study it and do all of the exercises/projects.

9. Continue working on the England blog.

10. Read my way through my winter TBR list.



Have a fab winter everyone. Have fun and embrace all that winter has to offer. Even if it is a mug of hot chocolate on a frigid day.

~ Jody

Travel Tips

Our time in England is coming to an end. My days are filled with organising piles of stuff – things to go with us on the plan, things for our air shipment and all of the rest that will be shipped in a sea container. I want to make our flight and that long day of travel run as smoothly as possible.

I would love to be one of those chic gals who walks through the airport wearing fashionable clothes and cute high heels, has perfect hair and make-up and a super cute suitcase at my side. In reality, I look more like a pack mule with too many bags, hair and make-up less than perfect and an outfit that is comfortable and not stylish…at all. I will have to work on that for another trip. Right now, I just want to survive a 20 hour day of traveling with my sanity somewhat in place. Here are some of my best travel tips.


– Remove sim cards from phones unless you are fine with paying all of those roaming fees.

– Have chargers and power adapters for both the country you are leaving and the country you are traveling to with you. It would suck if we just had our power cords for North America with us and our laptops, e-readers, phones or ipods died before we left England.

– Travel pillows and sleep masks are your best friends. I also wear a large pashmina that I can use as a blanket in a pinch. I always find it cold on planes, especially when I am exhausted.

– Drinks lots and lots of water.

– Slap on a great day or night cream. I have the travel sizes of hand cream, lip gloss and face cream in my purse. This helps me look less like a creature from Night of the Living Dead.

– Have all of the information that you need on your arrival in a handy place. this includes any car rental information, maps to hotels, hotel reservation numbers and important phone numbers. We have travel envelopes containing all of this information, as well as one that contains all of our health insurance information.

– Extra copies of important information. Since Brittany is flying back to Canada, we will have triple “just in case” copies of all of her paperwork, as well as digital copies on each of our computers. We always have photocopies of our passports kept in a different location than our passports.

– For this flight we will be testing out travel socks for the first time.

– Have distractions with you. I usually fly with a book or two. This trip will be different. For the first time I will be flying with my new e-reader. We will be in a hotel for a week in England before we fly and at least a week in Canada before we can move into our new home. I spent some time deciding on the some great reads to get me through this time. I always have a book to read on the plane “just in case”. Just in case I have seen all of the movies or the movies suck. I rarely sleep on planes and spend my time watching movie after movie. But, should I need to read I have my e-reader filled with books at my side. We will each have our laptops, e-readers and iPods with us. Each will be fully charged and ready to go should we need them.

– All of the approved size of liquids that come on the plane with me are already in a baggie. I just have to put them all in the airport bag just before I go through security. It saves time searching through a stuffed bag looking for that travel size hand cream.


~ Jody

Our Holiday Bucket List

I cannot believe that Christmas is next week. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!! Each year seems to be going faster than the year before. I remember when I was a child I would plan out how I would spend the days during the holidays. Usually it involved studying (exams were in Januray in NL) and reading. I would like to say that I have changed from that child but not so much. Sigh. I am looking forward to reading. I do have my winter TBR reading list to get through after all. And I will be studying. I LOVE photography so I LOVE studying photography as well. I have a photography book to fnish reading, editing workshops to watch and some shorter photography PDFs to read. This sure makes me sound boring.

I came up with a holiday bucket list to ensure that we did more that read and studied our holidays away. At the moment my husband is reading a text for his Masters course that starts in January. We really are soul mates. But there is more to life than reading and studying so here is our holiday bucket list.



1. Hanging out in the hot tub.

2. Re-watch The Hobbit 1 & 2 so we can go see the 3rd.

3. Cross- country ski or snow-shoe.

4. Walk in the snow on Christmas Day night.

5. Visit friends.

6. Have friends over for a meal and jin friends at theirs for a meal.

7. Bake and make a gingerbread house.

8. Bake cookies during the day on Christmas eve.

9. Host our annual New Year’s Day Levee at Chez WW.

10. Host an informal get together.

11. Re-watch all of the Star Wars movies (I have not seen the 3 new ones), the Godfather trilogy (I have not seen any of these movies). Watch the last season of Dr Who so we are all caught up for the Dr Who Christmas Day Special. If time permits we will also watch True Blood, Falling Skies and The Walking Dead.

12. Make a snowman.

13. Make snow angels.

14. Have a snowball fight.

This year we decided to have a low key holiday. Our hearts are still broken from losing our beloved Brittany. And in January Andrew will be starting a course towards his Masters degree. He will still be working 10 hours a week on his own time towards improving his French. And he will be working full time. The last few months have be very draining for the both of us and the next year will be insane for Andrew.

Years ago during our first time living in Petawawa we had planned to go to Toronto on Boxing Day and stay there for 5 days. We awoke to an ice storm. We quickly cancelled our trip after trying to chisel the ice off the car for an hour. And that was just so we could open the door. We soon found ourselves with a week and no plans. We curled up under blankets, lounged around in our pjs, ate lots of cookies and treats and watched the first 2 seasons of True Blood. It remains one of my favourite Christmases we have spent together. It was relaxing and fun, a time with no schedule. This year I want to re-create that. I want to live our hectic lives behind and Eat, Drink and Be Merry.

What are your plans during the holidays. Please feel free to share in the comments.

Happy Holidays.

~ Jody xx

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