365 Project

Another edition of my 365 project.


8 September 2014

The second week of September calls for a fall maincure.


9 September 2014

Waking up with Andrew and watching the sun rise from our bed. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.


10 September 2014

A windy rainy day requires cute rain boots.


11 September 2014

I read every day. Whenever I get some free moments I can be found with a book in my hand.


12 September 2014

Another weekend away from home. I have my fab Girl’s Day Out bag with me. This bag is the perfect traveling companion.


13 September 2014

Delicate and beautiful yet strong and enduring.


14 September 2014

Driving back through Algonquin Park. Through the rain you can see the start of autumn.


Thanks for coming along on this year-long journey with me.

~ Jody

My Old Office

In our previous home, I had my own office. It was glam. It was girly. It was white. It had a sprakley chandelier. It had a wall of shoes. It was my pretty room.

In the future I will have my very own office again. And in the meantime I will dream of my perfect room.




~ Jody

5 Things: The Beauty Edition


Erase Paste by Benefit. This is the BEST concealer I have ever used. And I have tried them all. This little pot keeps me from looking like a zombie each and every day.

BB Cream

This derma e BB cream is the second one I have used and I LOVE it. It provides great coverage and has SPF. All while feeling very light.

Ipsy Bag

Each month I get a fab pink bubble enevelope in the mail. For some reason it seems to arrive on a day when I could really use a pick me up. For $10 a month I receive 4 -5 beauty products that are specially picked out for me and my skin tone, colouring and beauty product interests. I love trying the new products that I normally would not buy. And these are high end products.

Hair Oil

This L’oreal Elvive smooth intense anti-frizz serum keeps me from looking like a frizzy hot mess. I would be lost without it. Picture Monica on Friends when she goes down south.


Since I bought this Sephoria lipstick last year I have not worn any other lipstick or colour. It is the perfect neutral picked out for me by a beauty consultant at Sephoria.


What beauty products are your must haves?

~ Jody

365 Project

1 Sept 2014

A new month. Time to be more productive. An early morning walk to start my day.

2 Sept 2014

Today is my birthday. My wonderful husband threw me a party. And we played Cards against Humanity.

3 Sept 2014

Brittany is doing one of her fave things….taking a nap.

4 Sept 2014

Some days a gal just needs a treat to get through the day.

5 Sept 2014

Today is one of those crazy weather days where we are under a storm warning for most of the day. We can spend our time waiting for the storm, worrying about the storm or we can…


6 Sept 2014

Today I had the honour of capturing the wedding day for 2 friends. I love seeing a couple’s love story unfold on their wedding day but it is AMAZING when I know and love the couple. Jackie & Matt’s wedding was filled with love…a love that even after the day is over it stays with you and makes your heart smile.


7 Sept 2014

Sunday morning in the big city. I am not a fan of Toronto but in the quiet early morning, the city is beautiful.


Thanks for following along as I capture the next year in images.

~ Jody

Summer Bucket List…so far

I guess now that it is September summer is over. Not technically but close enough. The leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter. Time to kiss the lazy days of summer a fond farewell. Before we moved to Borden I created a summer bucket llist for us. We did not get everything done on our list but we had fun. And that is the main thing. Next year we will tick some more things off of the list.

I found moving from my beloved friends  difficult. This list ensured that I got out and about instead of sitting at home mopping. From now on whenever we move I am making sure I have a list of places to explore and things to do at our new home.

The first check on out list was Weber Burgers. It was our lunch stop on the day we left Petawawa and moved to Borden. It was AMAZING!!! The picnic area was perfect. Burgers, friendly people and their dogs. There are no pictures. My camera was packed in the car, squeezed in between a box of hair supplies and the cooler.

We have made friends. Played board games. Had regular date nights. Explored the small towns in the area.

We explored the 400 Market. I may be obsessed with that place. We have been there twice so far. Both times I came home with a fab photography purchase. Stay tuned for that on a future journal entry.




We explored the Barrie waterfront and had ice cream. Not quite a picnic in the park but close enough.





We explored the Elmvale Zoo. Before we turned into the car park I was already screaming. ” I SEE CAMELS. I SEE ZEBRAS.”  My favourite part. The giraffes. These majestic giants ate from my hand. So gentle. And with the softest tongues. I want a zoo with GIRAFFES.












We visited Wasaga Beach. It was not what I expected. The sand was compacted…almost like a road. No dunes. No marram grass. I am a beach snob. There I said it. It is tough for any beach to compete fter living on an island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.




Make a list of adventures and get out there. Life is too short not to make the most of it.

~ Jody

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